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Pulaski Grow is the aquaponics business that provides locally grown food to the community while preparing youth for the business world through intensive, hands-on job training.  Our goal is to be known as THE place for preparing youth for employment, supporting science and agriculture, and offering new ways to learn and grow as a community.

We are glad you are visiting us.  We are happy to share our mission and vision with you, tell you our story and open doors to our youth training center programs.  We want you to become familiar with our faces, facilities, and passion for enriching life for our youth and our community and join us in whatever way you can to help everything associated with us thrive!

One way to get to know us better is to subscribe to our newsletter mailings. These will help you be aware of our produce offerings and news on the youth training center throughout the year.


Feel free to contact us with your questions and/or comments! You can also find our location/map on our Contact Us page.

It's a privilege to team up with Lee at Pulaski Grow, especially when I get to work with the youth taking her training classes. I appreciate the opportunity to meet such special young men and women!

- Terrie S. - Board Member

Building Life
is the name of the game at Pulaski Grow!
You, Too!
Pulaski Grow invites you to subscribe to its Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program
In Session!
Youth learning the art of cover letter writing
Youth Training Center takes root at Pulaski Grow
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To Life!
Pulaski Grow's greenhouse features organically grown vegetables and herbs in Draper, Virginia
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You can find us listed on the Virginia Tourism website!

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Pulaski Grow

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Building Life

is the name of the game at Pulaski Grow!

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