Training Course Descriptions

Basic Job Skills

This course includes topics such as job search, completing applications, interview skills, resume writing, basic job etiquette; trainees also visit a number of businesses to talk with owners, managers, and human resource personnel

Customer Service Training

A hands on training that helps build the one set of skills you will need in almost any job~ how to deal with customers


Advanced Job Skills

This course includes involvement in the operations of the aquaponics business such as maintenance, budgeting, product research and development, sales and marketing

Prerequisite: Basic Job Skills


Beginning Management

This course explores different management styles, responsibilities connected with management, successful management traits.  Students will engage in managing certain aspects of Pulaski Grow and assisting in Basic Job Skills training

Prerequisite: Basic Job Skills, Advanced Job Skills


Advanced Management

This course includes supervision of youth employees, management of a segment of Pulaski Grow business, developing business plan skills

Prerequisite: Basic Job Skills, Advanced Job Skills, Beginning Management



This course enables the entrepreneur-minded students to work toward developing their own business through intensive application of the knowledge and skills gained by completing the prerequisite courses: Basic & Advanced Job Skills, Beginning & Advanced Management

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