Growing Healthy Youth (and Produce) TOGETHER!

Pulaski Grow is a community affair - we thrive on the connections we make among area residents, parents, youth, community leaders and organizations - people who wish to make a positive difference to improve the long-term well being of life in southwestern Virginia.

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through our newsletters you will learn more about Pulaski Grow's latest activities, plans for future growth, opportunities for getting connected or involved in our work with developing youth and growing produce with a purpose!

Volunteers are the heartbeat of Pulaski Grow!

Here are just a few ways you can help us grow healthy youth and a vibrant aquaponics farm:

  • Plant new plant starts in grow towers

  • Assist with facility projects 

  • Help with monthly tours

  • Participate in job skills training, such as performing mock interviews with students or even leading a teaching session

If you think you've discovered an area in which you would like to explore becoming a volunteer, please contact us using the form (at right) and indicate your particular interests. We will gladly follow up with you!

You may also contact us directly for more information by phone at 540-922-2989 or email.

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